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What you are running into now?

  • Find a value from a fixed field or CSV file with thousands of lines.
  • Do not know what's the meaning of a column with a non-column record CSV file.
  • Crazy when you want to view a fixed field file with binary numeric contents.
  • Open a CSV file with a traditional editor (i.e. MS Excel) will make the file locked.
  • How to refresh the file I'm opening when other application changed it automatically?
  • Want to open / modify / save the file located on FTP server.
  • Save the file from local disk to FTP server and back save as to local.

What does the iMatrixitor can do?

  • Display all fields and header via external define file.
  • Shared read / write mode, unlock when open a file.
  • Supports Windows and Unix format of new line and number.
  • Supports to open and save files from local disk and FTP server.
  • Automatically refresh the opening files both on local disk and FTP server.

This is iMatrixitor.


Need more information?

  • Get the help from iMatrixitor main menu Help > Content.
  • Discuss and / or report an issue here.
  • Contact the author.
  • Visit the author's blog.


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